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Connecting traditional finance

to blockchain

Banking Fact

Since 2016, traditional banking came through a digital transformation and new players joined with flexible solutions such as open banking and BaaS.

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Blockchain Fact

A decentralized, distributed ledger opens endless opportunities to build transparent and secure solutions.

Our Fact

Habits is a platform that opens a new way of accessing digital assets and supports blockchain adoption by bridging between digital banking and blockchain innovation in an effortless way. 

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How does it work

Habits smart algorithm analyses your shopping habits and automatically sends your savings as digital assets to your wallet at your own custody.



Open an account
with Habits 

Every user that opens an account, is automatically welcomed with his private savings digital wallet


Link your digital bank
account to Habits

By linking the user's bank account we can analyze shopping habits and build personal savings plans


Start saving with every
purchase you make

For every purchase made, the user's wallet will gain a digital asset according the savings plan agreed up by the user

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We believe that Accessibility, Security, Self Custody and Transparency are the key points to generate trust, adoption and to build the bridge between traditional banking and blockchain.



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self custody



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Digital assets are known as a new investment tool.
Savings should be time wrapped and secure.
We believe that a hybrid combination of saving and investing can initiate a new era of ״tomorrows saving״ method, while your digital assets are closed in smart contracts until your goals reach the execution point.


habits Token

With Habits, you have the opportunity not only to be a user but to become a real contributor by holding Habits tokens and benefiting from the growth of the ecosystem.

reward Program

The reward program revolutionises earning on your digital assets.

Users with active plans, show their confidence and trust in the Habits

platform and will be rewarded with HBIT tokens.

token burning

Every HBIT holder will benefit from a decrease in supply.

20% of the revenue from the Habits platform is used to buy back and burn HBIT tokens.

On every USD / EURO / GBP deposited in the Habits platform, we initiate one HBIT burn.

up to 20% of total circulated supply


Staking HBIT tokens will yield additional rewards whilst strengthening the Habits platform by enabling lower collateral and improved system stability.

We invented the first VR Camera for the masses that was chosen by NASA and was sent to space,

now aiming to go beyond that.

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Eugene Levit

Product and Solutions expert, creative thinker with a passion for innovation.


Yahav Yaniv

Initiator, Product Delivery expert, self learner & Crypto freak.


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